Five Great Restaurants Near Mondial River West Apartments

If you’re moving in the Chicago area, you may be overwhelmed with the large array of options in living areas, especially when it comes to restaurants. It can be hard to narrow down your choices. Luckily, the northwest side of the city has much to offer — near Mondial River West you’ll find many opportunities to explore and go out, starting with these five amazing places to eat and drink just a short trip away:


Naha, voted by Zagat as one of Chicago’s best restaurants, is a can’t-miss opportunity. Naha is a mere seven minute drive from Mondial River West, and it features a delicious mix of American and Mediterranean flavors you’ll definitely want to taste. Even better, the food is locally sourced, so you’ll be eating fresh and delicious meals.


Looking for an ethnic twist? Try out Sunda, a modern spot with Asian fusion, sushi, fascinating (and delectable) specialty cocktails–like a saketini featuring “living jewel” saki, and more. If you’re in a rush, or want to take your meal home, they even offer carry-out dinner options.

GT Fish & Oyster

For a unique seafood option in the area, you can check out GT Fish & Oyster. Headed by a Michelin-starred chef, this dining hot spot mixes modern and traditional options into the menu, perfect for the bold diner and picky eater alike. GT Fish & Oyster can be especially fun for those interested in trying the creative shared plate options.

Nacional 27

If you’re looking for a fun night out, try Nacional 27. Voted one of the best bachelorette party spaces in Chicago, you know you’ll be in for a great time (and some great food–you can visit both the dining room and the club area here). Bonus: stop by on Wednesday night for complimentary salsa lessons!

Hub 51

You won’t have to go far to find yourself a more casual option for meals. Hub 51 offers some of the best burgers in the Chicago area. But with a varied menu that includes sushi rolls, salads, tacos, and drink options as well, you can’t go wrong.

With so much to do and enjoy near Mondial River West, the opportunities are endless. Contact us today to learn more!

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