4 Easy Ways to Make Your Mondial Apartment Cozy for Fall

The cold weather is approaching in Chicago, and many of us will be spending a lot more time inside of our Mondial apartment homes. A cozy home will make all the difference when it comes to your fall and winter experiences here in Chicago, so be sure you are comfortable. No one likes a cold, dark space, especially after a long day fighting the grind at work. Here are some tips to make your Mondial apartment comfortable and cozy for Fall:

  1. Pillows
    Make your Chicago apartment cozy for Fall!

    Introduce fall colors into your home with some blankets that are easily accessible around your living room.

  2. Place some rugs throughout your living spaces to cut down on sound reverberation. (This will also keep your feet warm)
  3. Slippers! Keep a set of comfy house shoes by the front door to change into once you get home. Those work shoes can get pretty messy, so this will keep the grime off the floor as well.
  4. Saturate your sitting areas with soft pillows. Being able to lay down and fall asleep anywhere you can sit is the best part of having a cozy home.
If you have any other cozy ideas or fall decorating tips to share, let your Mondial apartment neighbors know by leaving a comment.
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