5 Energy Efficient Ways to Keep Your Chicago Apartment Warm This Winter

Everyone knows that Chicago winters are tough. The wind combined with the snow make our neck of the woods a place where you must like the winter. To help you get through the season, stay cozy in your Chicago apartments when you use one of these tips.

Source: SmallNotebook

1. Use painters tape to tape over any drafts in the windows. Sealing the area will help keep your apartment warmer.
2. Additionally, for the windows, consider heavy drapes. Linen, velvet or heavy cotton are suitable for the season and provide a barrier against the cold glass.
3. Learn to love to layer. Wearing a sweater gives you the opportunity to stay warm when you need it and to remove the layer when you head into a shop or restaurant who has the heat boosted.
4. Bake cookies and cakes, or make stew. Using the oven adds more heat to your apartments and whatever you cook could make your place smell great.
5. Fall in love with tea. Not only is this drink hot to keep you cozy, but the antioxidants in tea will help keep you from catching a winter cold.

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