Baseball Season Is Here! Catch It At These Bars And Grab A Little Pizza Too

Spring Training has started! Cubs and White Sox Fans, get ready to enjoy your teams on that 162 game march toward the 2012 World Series. If you’re not able to catch a game at Wrigley or US Cellular, which sports bar do you head to?

You could make it a day and grab some pie from one of Chicago’s finest pizza joints. Check out your options below, all about a mile from Mondial.

Source: Yelp
Name: Lou Malnatis Pizzeria
Location: 439 N Wells St Chicago, IL 60654
Reviews: 768

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You cannot go to Chicago and not have a deep dish pizza. The problem is which one do you go to? There’s Gino’s East, Pizzeria Uno, Lou Malnati’s, and…Read More

If I could order just ONE thing from Lou’s, it’d be their tomato sauce. Everything else is pretty standard.Read More


No seriously you guys, it’s the best pizza in Chicago. Every time I visit (which ends up being about once a year), Lou Malnati’s is one of my…Read More

Lou Malnatis Pizzeria

Source: Yelp
Name: Pizanos Pizza
Location: 61 E Madison St Chicago, IL 60603
Reviews: 294

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It was a late night returning from a night out with guests and everyone wanted pizza. Well the ever so gracious Pizano’s was able to deliver! Just my luck…Read More

The pizza is fine, but doesn’t beat out Giordano’s, or Lou’s. It has good flavor but nothing about it sets it apart.
The service at this one in the loop is…Read More

Pizanos Pizza

Source: Yelp
Name: McGinnys Tap
Location: 313 W North Ave Chicago, IL 60614
Reviews: 36

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I’ll try any bar once. My friends will vouch for me on this, as I’ve actually compiled a lengthy blacklist of places that will never again see my business….Read More

We went to meet some friends who had secured a patio table. The weather was great, the beer was cold and being able to sit outside was nice. Aside from…Read More

My experience with McGinny’s was a unique and memorable one…..

I was visiting Chicago and, through Facebook, found out that a buddy of mine who is an…Read More

McGinnys Tap

Source: Yelp
Name: Haymarket Pub & Brewery
Location: 737 W Randolph St Chicago, IL 60661
Reviews: 298

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Average bar food, very good service, and excellent beer. Worth a visit.Read More

I walked into this bar with two of my buddies from the UK last night. They were denied service by the manager, who said they don’t serve people without a…Read More

I went last night with 2 of my friends from England – they were told that since they do not have an American ID, they cannot be served. Both of my friends…Read More

Haymarket Pub & Brewery

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