Breathe in the Fresh Air in Chicago’s Premier Green Space

breathe clean city air in Chicago Millennium Park

We all know cities strive hard to have clean city air despite their immense traffic. Chicago has created a fantastic space known as a premier green space where you can enjoy fresh air produced by the many trees and plants.

Millennium Park is 25 acres of landscape that you will need years to completely explore. The park also hosts architecture and works of art that will delight your eyes.


Millennium Park hosts summer workouts for you every morning. Gather with your neighbors and friends and enjoy a 45-minute workout on the lawn. These workouts include tai chi, yoga, pilates, and Zumba. Think about how much fun it is to breathe air layered with flower scents, hear the birds chirp, and get in shape.

Lurie Garden

After your workout, cool down with a stroll through Lurie Garden. There, you’ll find the famous hedge described as the City of Big Shoulders. Cross the footbridge and watch the stream flow past you. You can even sit and breathe in the air from the plants and just watch the birds and wildlife.

Jay Pritzker Pavilion

A visit to Millennium Park is incomplete without sitting and watching the sun bounce off this stainless steel sculpture. You can watch the shadows as they move in intricate patterns across the grass. And you can see the geometric shapes created as the sun bounces off the sculpture.

The Bean

Of course, if this is your first visit to the park, you will want to visit The Bean. This sculpture was created to reflect the city’s amazing architecture and you can sit for hours and watch how the views change as the sun hits it.

Life at Mondial River West

There is just so much to enjoy in Millenium Park. Living near a luxury apartment home brings you closer to these everyday experiences. We would love to help you breathe clean city air and find your perfect home, so please contact us today.

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