Grab Your Favorite Drink and Enjoy a BYOB Restaurant in Chicago

people toasting with beer at a restaurant

There has been a resurgence as of late in BYOB restaurants around the country. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) establishments have once again hit their stride as a popular option for both restaurants and diners. Eateries that offer BYOB sometimes have issues obtaining a liquor license. Or, they simply want to focus on the quality of their food. Diners can indulge in a special bottle they have brought from home while enjoying a less expensive meal. Chicago is home to some great BYOB restaurants around the city. Looking for a BYOB restaurant in Chicago? Here are a few worth exploring:


Making its home in Lincoln Square, goosefoot is one of Chicago’s most celebrated BYOB restaurants. Using local and seasonal ingredients, goosefoot serves updated and elegant dishes in their modern and refined dining room. Bottles purchased at the wine shop next door or brought from home pair perfectly with the succinct and flavorful menu with offerings such as summer Angus beef and coconut-infused diver scallops.

Butcher and the Burger

Celebrating one of the country’s favorites, Butcher and the Burger is just the spot to satisfy that burger craving. Customers are welcome to bring in their favorite bottle to go with one of their mouth-watering offerings including the house blend prime beef burger, the sirloin steak burger, and the salmon burger. Bright and modern, this Lincoln Park eatery is the perfect blend of high-end butcher and neighborhood burger joint.

Coast Sushi Bar

Located in Bucktown, Coast Sushi Bar is a great neighborhood restaurant offering innovative Japanese favorites in an avant-garde setting. Open since 2003, Coast Sushi Bar lets guests enjoy BYOB dining alongside house specialties including tamarind duck, warm shrimp salad and wasabi shumai. Be sure to indulge in one of the flavor-packed signature rolls such as the Smokin’ Pumpkin or the White Dragon.

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