Enjoy Virtual Yoga Classes From Chicago Yoga Studios

woman doing virtual yoga classes at home

Maintaining a regular yoga practice is one of the best things you can do for your health as well as your well-being. Local yoga studios in Chicago near Mondial River West are offering a range of virtual yoga classes you can enjoy from home. Here are three great options for having a yoga session in […]

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Get Cooking with Cooking Classes in Chicago

Photo of a young woman in a kitchen during a cooking class, preparing bruschetta

It’s no secret that Chicago is a foodie city. It offers everything from iconic favorites like pizza and hot dogs to world-class upscale eateries. While you’ll find amazing restaurants, another way to explore the culinary landscape is through cooking classes in Chicago. These hands-on tutorials offer first-hand expertise and make for a fun afternoon or […]

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Get Creative During Recreational Art Classes

Would you like to bring out your inner artist? If so, join one of these recreational art classes near Mondial River West Apartments where you’ll learn to make everything from pencil drawings to glass vases: Lillstreet Art Center  A local favorite since 1975, Lillstreet Art Center welcomes everyone from beginners to professional artists. It offers an alternative […]

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