Try One of Chicago’s Best Mixology Bars

mixologist bartender pouring cocktail

While classic cocktails never seem to go out of style, many people delight in the latest cocktail trends. Because of this, mixology has become a hot topic for many innovative cocktail bars around the country. Showcasing the art of preparing mixed drinks, these bars focus on everything from unusual pairings to food-inspired drinks. So, for those looking for Chicago’s best mixology bars, here are a few worth bellying up to the bar for:

Broken Shaker

ocated on the bottom floor of the Freeland Hotel, Broken Shaker is a favorite bar in the River North neighborhood. Innovation and bold flavors take the lead at Broken Shaker. Their use of spices, herbs and exotic ingredients from all over the world sets them apart.

This lively bar has an eclectic mix of decor—from the covered sofas to kitschy art hanging on the walls. The drinks steal the show, however, with house specialties like the fruit-infused Swipe Right or the cereal-inspired Cocoa Puff Old Fashioned.

Billy Sunday

Celebrating the art of the cocktail, Billy Sunday is a local hotspot that delivers upscale drinks. Dark wood features and antique furnishings make this a great spot to enjoy a reprieve from the bustling Logan Square neighborhood.

Focused on a culinary approach to mixology, Billy Sunday’s cocktail menu feels a bit tropical. Offerings include the El Malecon and the Papa Don’t Peach.

The Aviary

Finally, tucked away near Fulton Market, The Aviary boasts a menu full of creativity and flavor. Polished and swanky, The Aviary works hard to delight and surprise its guests with high concept drinks. Some of them include the anise-flavored Sassafras, the lemon forward Rooibos, and the Caribbean-inspired Tiki. Details will not go unnoticed at The Aviary, with almost magical presentations and a dedicated “ice chef.”

In conclusion, when you make Mondial River West your home in Chicago, you have all of the amenities of this dynamic city right on your doorstep, including some of Chicago’s best mixology bars. Please contact us for more information.

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