Creative Ways to Carving Pumpkins

When fall comes around and October hits, it means it’s time to have fun with pumpkins. Pumpkin carving is a lot of fun, but are you at a loss for ideas? Here are some creative ways for you to carve those pumpkins.

pumpkin carving

Masterpieces. Pumpkin carving doesn’t always have to reflect Halloween. Etching in a different scene can create a soft glowing masterpiece.

Silhouettes. You can cut out a classic Halloween image and create a great silhouette. Cut around the image in the center and cut a circle around for the light to shine through.

Add more character. Create a pumpkin character by stacking pumpkins. The bottom pumpkin can be carved to look like a suit and then carve the top pumpkin as the head.

Ready for fall. Want a simple design that can be carved out of a pumpkin for more than just Halloween? Decorate your porch with glowing pumpkins. Use a fall cookie cutter in the shape of leaves.

Diorama. Create a diorama from your pumpkin. Cut out a square on and use that piece to create a figure and place it inside.

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