Easy Tips for Hanging and Displaying Art

Oscar Wilde once said, “life imitates art much more than art imitates life.” For thousands of years, artists have been creating captivating pieces that make us smile, reflect, and even cry. Now the life of an artist is much easier than it used to be, and we are able to easily obtain pieces of art everywhere we go!

You may have a favorite artist that you’ve collected artwork from. These make perfect apartment decorating items! Even though you are in an apartment, it’s no reason to not display art! We’ve rounded up 3 easy ways to transform pieces of art to compliment your apartment decorating:

Source: via Better Homes and Gardens

Show it off!
Have small sculptured pieces? Try placing them on a shelf (made from driftwood or basic wood) as a mini display. It prevents any floor or counter space from being used up, and creates dimension in the room you’re decorating.

Canvas or Prints
Frame these pieces in antique or thrift store frames of differing sizes. You can easily hang each frame on a wall in any design or format you choose. Get creative!
Pro tip: Arrange dishes or other prints in a vertical line to break up a simple wall in your home.

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