Find Your Next Favorite Book at One of These Local Shops

With all the technology available to us today, we have millions of books available to us at the click of a “buy now” button. Even if you are a diehard eReader fan, there are still some books only available in print. Residents of the Mondial River West apartments live right near several locally owned bookstores. Book lovers will find out-of-print, rare, and collectible books that aren’t available on any tablet. Visit one of these local bookstores today and find your next literary treasure.

Open Books is on a mission to promote literacy and make sure that everyone has access to quality books. When you enter the store, you’ll find a cheerful atmosphere, old school library card catalogs, comfy chairs and of course books! When you shop at Open Books, you support an organization that offers dynamic programs to educate local students. You can also get involved as a volunteer or even donate books.

Sometimes self-published and independent writers don’t have their work in eBook form. You can find their work at places like Quimby’s, a store that provides a platform for unknown writers to get the word out about their books. They also sell comics and obscure books that are out of print or were limited edition. You’ll enjoy browsing their stock as you soak in the quirky, unique atmosphere of the shop.

Myopic Bookstore is a used book store and a haven for all things creative. They have over 70,000 books for sale and the staff will gladly help you search or make recommendations. The store also hosts live music and poetry readings as part of a series.

Our neighborhood is home to many unique and locally owned stores like these. Please contact us to learn more about our apartment community and the surrounding areas.

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