Get In Shape At These Chicago Fitness Centers

Good health and fitness tips are easy to understand: don’t smoke, eat a balanced diet, and exercise. With the right equipment

Personal trainer monitoring a client's movemen...
Personal trainer monitoring a client's movement during fitball / core exercise. This ball is known by various names: balance ball, birth ball, body ball, exercise ball, fit ball, fitness ball, gym ball, gymnastic ball, physioball, pilates ball, Pezzi ball, sports ball, stability ball, Swedish ball, Swiss ball, therapy ball, yoga ball Category:Fitness Category:Fitness_training Category:Personal_training Category:Stretching Category:Challenges to physical balance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

available for you and additional help as you need, getting in shape at Chicago fitness centers is an attainable goal for everyone.

Rowfit Chicago caters to those looking for a more personal workout experience, gearing towards small group exercise classes. Offering a variety of classes including CrossFit, Cycling, and Indoor Rowing; Rowfit Chicago’s environment keeps things fresh and exciting.

The personal trainers at Phenomenal Fitness are some of the best in the city with backgrounds and degrees in areas like nutrition, fitness, and physical therapy. Using a screening process to determine exactly what you need, Phenomenal Fitness is a little old-school, and highly effective.

At Aspire Pilates & Wellness, you can take private pilates lessons, small group pilates instruction or a variety of exercise classes. In addition to helping you get sleek and strong, Aspire Pilates & Wellness also offers services like acupuncture, skincare, and integrative wellness sessions.

Finding the right fitness center for you in Chicago is easy no matter what you’re looking for: recovery after an injury, a constantly changing workout, or to get into shape with help from top trainers.

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