Go Shopping for an Eco-friendly Holiday Tree in Chicago

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Holiday trees in Chicago

Are you picking up a Christmas tree for your wonderful Mondial apartment? If you are, then make sure you are going green in Chicago when you do pick out a tree. Doing so will really benefit the environment, especially since you’ll only have the tree for a month or so before you no longer need it.

Check out City Tree Delivery, a company that is dedicated to sustainability. Here you can pick up a freshly harvested Michigan Fraser Fir and have it delivered right to your door! A percentage of the profits go towards green charities. They even plant one tree for every tree they sell!

Or check out Gethsemane Gardens & More. They offer a variety of trees that have been grown in North Carolina and Michigan that are cut down within 48 hours of shipping, meaning that they don’t stockpile trees. You can also pick up one of the many types of trees available at B.A. Florist & Nursery, which has been serving the Chicago area since 1935!

Begin going green in Chicago by picking up a Christmas tree at one of these great places. For more information about going green in Chicago, please visit us here.

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