How to Decorate Your Bedroom in A Boutique Hotel Style

Image © iStock / rilueda
Image © iStock / rilueda

Do you want a change in your bedroom? Maybe you’re looking for that clean, fancy feel you get from an upscale hotel room. You can get your bedroom looking and feeling like a luxury boutique with a few quick and easy tip and tricks.

Add a mini coffee station. Almost all hotel rooms have a coffee maker and small fridge in them. Make yourself a fancy little station and use furniture that fits perfectly to help your station blend in.

Change the sheets. When you want luxury in your bedroom you need to start with the sheets. Hunt down a place that sells good sheets with a high thread count. Also, go for white. Usually hotels have white to create a crisp, clean look.

Create a seating area. Another thing all hotels have in common, they include a seating area. If your bedroom has the space, make up a nice clean, comfortable seating area. You should have at least one plush chair, a table, and floor lamp.

Get trays. Trays add to a room. They can hold items on your dresser or be placed on the bed.

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