How to Get a Home Theater Into Your Apartment

Home theater systems bring high fidelity to Chicago apartment living. However, being in a cozier space means that you will need to get creative to find the perfect system for your space.

surround sound system in an apartment

Here are some considerations for maximizing your sound in your limited space:

  • Measure your living room space and map it out. Planning your ideas on paper is easier than shuffling your components around from place to place.
  • Consider how far you will need to be seated from the television. The larger your television, the greater the viewing distance.
  • Take a look at the lighting in the room. Your television should never be placed opposite a window or other light sources that can cause glare.
  • Wall mounting your television or speakers saves space and gives you the extra dimension of height to work with, but it can also limit arrangement possibilities. You should never mount speakers on or near walls that are adjacent to neighbors. Always be mindful of the volume level.

All of these considerations will give you a better idea of where your theater can and cannot go while also allowing you to make the most of your space.

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