How to Seat Guests at a Dinner Party

One of the keys to making apartment living in Chicago IL as luxurious is it can be is hosting social events in your apartment. One event that you can easily hold in your Chicago apartment is a formal dinner party. If you are interested in throwing a dinner party, keep in mind some of the basics, like how to seat people at the table.

With a little bit of basic dinner party strategy, you can have a party that all of your guests are sure to remember fondly. One of the key things to keep in mind is seating people next to guests who will be a good match for them.

As you match up your guests, think about the various personality traits that they each have. A good general rule is to seat your more introverted guests next to someone extroverted, so they can initiate conversation and ensure that your entire group is engaged throughout the dinner.

Putting together a dinner party can seem stressful at first, but it is actually quite simple with a little bit of planning. Make the most out of apartment living in Chicago IL and design some fun events for you and your friends.

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