Immerse Yourself in a Fictional Podcast

listening to a fictional podcast

It seems like there is a podcast on every subject imaginable these days. Listeners can get their fill of everything from food culture to true crime while relaxing in their Mondial River West apartment home. There are also some intriguing options for a fictional podcast that are incredibly creative and get people hooked from the start. Here are some of the best fictional podcasts available:

Hello From the Magic Tavern

One of the most unusual podcast formats to date, Hello From the Magic Tavern is a series like no other. Created and hosted by Arnie Niekamp, this series uses the format of improvisational comedy to set the stage for an offbeat fantasy story. The story follows the fiction-based version of Niekamp after he makes his way from a Chicago-based restaurant to a new dimension called Foon. Filled with magical and mystical characters like wizards and shapeshifters, this story changes quickly with the use of improv. 


Often compared to the hit TV series The X-Files, Limetown first appeared in 2015 and quickly became one of the most listened to podcasts that year. Taking place in a small town in Tennessee, Limetown presents the story of the disappearance of hundreds of residents of a neuroscience research compound in 2004. Offered from the viewpoint of a reporter from American Public Radio, listeners can follow the twists and turns as she searches for answers. 


Self-described as a docudrama, Rabbits is a thrill ride of a fictional podcast. The storyline centers around a woman’s search for a missing friend and the mysterious adventure that revolves around an ancient game called Rabbits. Based on an alternative reality, “The Game” intertwines references to today’s pop culture as well as popular video games and draws the listener in so they feel like they are a part of the mystery. 

Whether you are staying in to cook a new recipe or enjoying a thrilling fictional podcast, Mondial River West is the ideal place to call home in Chicago. Please contact us to learn more. 

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