Learn All About Photography at the Chicago Photography Academy

Young, smiling photographer checking photos on a camera at Chicago Photography Academy

Getting a lot of “likes” on your Instagram photos might be a sure sign of something—either your friends want you to really like them, or you’re a natural-born photographer! But who can say for sure?

So, maybe you’re thinking that you want to develop some skills and take your photography to the next level. If you want to climb to the top of the Instagram tower (or just genuinely want to up your photography game), you’re going to have to learn from the best.

Enter the Chicago Photography Academy, a popular photography school in Lake View. Let’s check it out.


The Chicago Photography Academy is located in an unassuming 4-story building, but don’t allow that to fool you. This school is fully equipped. Their lighting studio contains over $20,000 worth of professional equipment. You can actually enjoy shooting “on set!”

The Academy also includes a digital editing lab to fully meet your modern-day needs as a budding photographer.


Your developing skills will blossom in here. Lab classes have a maximum size of sixteen students so you will receive the personalized attention you need. The instructors are all professional photographers who are comfortable communicating knowledge about their craft.

The school offers advanced classes, but let’s take a look at some of the beginner-level classes you can take:

  • Digital 101: Starting from scratch? Learn how to use your fancy DSLR camera! This class will teach you how to use the camera, and about such important concepts as depth-of-field and shutter speed.
  • Portraiture 101: Forget selfie sticks. You’re going to learn how to make a work of art. Control the studio lighting and illuminate everyone from their best angles.
  • Adobe Lightroom 101:  In case you didn’t know, Lightroom is actually a type of editing software. Learn to master this tool and you can utterly transform your photos.

Learn More About the Chicago Photography Academy

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