Explore a Local Evanston Museum: Mitchell Museum of the American Indian

father and daughter in a museum

Are you looking for something different to do this weekend? Then head to an impressive local Evanston museum—the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian.

An easy drive from Mondial River West, it is one of the only museums in the United States that exclusively focuses on the arts, history, and culture of the American Indian and First Native peoples.

There are an array of exhibits to explore including:

Indigenous Entrepreneurship: Tribal Enterprises & Co-ops

Firstly, Indigenous Entrepreneurship is the museum’s newest exhibit, and it highlights tribal-based businesses that are not well-known in our area. It also covers the hardships many American Indian entrepreneurs face. Visitors learn about buffalo meat, Tanka Bars, and much more.

Heritage Markers: Local Native American History and Cultures

More than forty thousand American Indian peoples from over 150 tribes once lived in the Chicagoland area. This exciting exhibit uses heritage markers, street signs, and town names as a touchstone to discuss local Native history.

Visitors can read quotes from descendants of Ho-Chunk and Potawatomi peoples, and see maps, photographs, and cultural objects that bring fascinating stories to life.

The Teaching Wigwam

Finally, found on the second floor, The Teaching Wigwam is a fun, interactive exhibit featuring unique hands-on activities. Wigwams ranged in size from eight to 20 feet in diameter and housed between two and 10 people. The one on display would have been used primarily for sleeping. It’s made of rough birch and box elder limbs, and covered with sheets of birch bark.

The museum is open daily, and admission for adults is five dollars.

In conclusion, the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian is just one of the cultural attractions near our Chicago apartments. To call Mondial River West home, please contact us to arrange a private tour where you can see our amenities and floor plans firsthand.

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