Mondial Has Floorplans And Space To Suit Any Lifestyle

One of the best amenities here at Mondial is one that is often overlooked.  Whether you’re a single man or woman looking for a sophisticated small space high atop the city, or a family wanting to enjoy luxurious city living, Mondial has a variety of floor plan options for your living needs.

Mondial offers the desired space for your needs, from studio units to 4 bedroom  units. The floor plans offer distinct advantages for those desiring the perfect setting in idyllic West Chicago.  For a more detailed look at exactly which floor plans might suit you, head to the floor plan tab at Mondial’s amenities page here.

Having the best and most comfortable space is essential to a satisfying living experience.  To thorough enjoy yours, make sure you check out Mondial.  It is the best way to live in luxury on the West side of Chicago.

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