There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Pizza in Chicago

deep dish pizza in Chicago

A Brief History of Pizza

The first pizza was invented around 600 B.C. in a Greek settlement. The people living there cooked outdoors and needed an inexpensive food that would fill them up so they could have the energy to work. So, thankfully, someone invented pizza.

Back in the day, the pizza we know today was flatbread with various toppings. Pizza continued to evolve with sauces and cheeses, tomatoes and herbs.

People say in the late 1800s, Queen Margherita visited these Greek settlements and tried the pizza. Thus, she fell in love with it and encouraged Italians to make and eat pizza.

As people immigrated to the United States, they brought the concept of pizza with them. Today, we enjoy a variety of pizza and some cities, like Chicago, have even created their own style.

The Joys of Pizza in Chicago

Undoubtedly, Chicago is best known for its Chicago deep dish pizza. A deep dish pizza usually requires a fork as it can be up to two inches deep. Chicago also offers stuffed pizza where cheese fills the crust.

Pan pizza is thicker than regular pizza, but not as thick as a deep dish pizza. If you love pizza, you will want to live in Chicago in a luxury apartment home where you can enjoy it all.

Take a Pizza Tour

To taste all the varieties of pizza found around the city, join a pizza tour! Chicago Pizza Tours will show you the sights and sounds of Chicago, and take you to the local pizza houses. You will travel for about 20 miles through the neighborhoods as your guides tell you why Chicago is the best place to live. As you step into a local pizza eatery, you might even get to meet the owner and chef.

Home Is Where the Pizza Is

And after the pizza tour, come visit with us at Mondial River West to see your new luxury apartment home. We’ll be more than happy to discuss all the great pizza eateries, outdoor activities, and community events in the area. Contact us today.

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