Support These Chicago Nonprofits From Home

Donations on a piece of paper.

A great way to stay connected to our community is to find ways to lend a hand to those around us. Thankfully, it’s easy to pitch in and help out while staying safe. Check out these Chicago nonprofits accepting hands-free donations.

PAWS Chicago

For over 20 years, PAWS Chicago has been running for the lives of our four-legged friends. An athletic fundraising team with big hearts has managed to end over 90 percent of needless euthanizations of homeless animals. You can help the organization by donating funds, either through a one-time gift or monthly donations.

Chicago HOPES For Kids

Providing academic encouragement and support to children of families in transitional housing, Chicago HOPES For Kids has been helping secure a better future for young people for nearly 15 years. They tirelessly serve the community with multiple shelters, programs, and enrichment services. They are accepting monetary donations through their website and offer plans for continued giving as well.

Connections for Abused Women and Their Children (CAWC)

Since 1977, Connections for Abused Women and Their Children (CAWC) has had its focus on the rescue, empowerment, and enrichment of domestic abuse survivors. Offering housing, counseling, legal advocacy, and more, they are devoted to the support and agency of women and families in crisis. You can donate money directly by using their website. Alternatively, you can purchase items off their Amazon Wish List.

These Chicago nonprofits have been making our world a much kinder place. If you’re interested in knowing more about upcoming events and local amenities, make sure to check our blog. If you’d like to know more about Mondial River West, contact us.

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