Underground Bars in Chicago are Great for Late-Nighters

Soft focus picture of vintage lamps with blurred liquor bar

Have you ever considered going underground? Not as in incognito or unobserved, but really underground. Chicago, of course, has its aboveground attractions, but it also has a hidden depth that is worth an evening’s exploration. Note: these are all nightclubs; so if you tend to nod off at eight o’clock, best pick an earlier form […]

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Try One of Chicago’s Best Mixology Bars

mixologist bartender pouring cocktail

While classic cocktails never seem to go out of style, many people delight in the latest cocktail trends. Because of this, mixology has become a hot topic for many innovative cocktail bars around the country. Showcasing the art of preparing mixed drinks, these bars focus on everything from unusual pairings to food-inspired drinks. So, for […]

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Head Over to the Thrift Score Record Night For a Great Night Out

When you are looking for things to do in Chicago, consider heading out to for the Thrift Score Record Night. You will have a good time and enjoy the music. You can even catch a showing of one of their cult classic movies.The next event night is Sunday, February 22nd. This event is once a […]

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