Taste the Secrets of Chicago on the Secret Food Tour

chicago deep dish pizza secret food tour

We all love food, but sometimes we end up ordering the same dish at the same restaurants. Chicago has the perfect way to break you out of that rut. If you haven’t heard of Chicago’s Secret Food Tour, you’re in luck. Explore the many delicacies of Chicago and challenge your taste buds on this Secret Food Tour.

Secret Food Tour

The Secret Food Tour is designed to give you a taste of six different Chicago delicacies. You will not know in advance where you are going so you cannot decide to order the same food you always order. Then, you’ll meet with a tour guide at a designated place. For three hours you and your guide will savor the smells, tastes, and sounds of Chicago.

You might find yourself eating a slice of Chicago pizza in a historic building where your guide can tell you about the architecture. Or, you might find yourself eating a recipe created over 150 years ago as your guide tells you the history of the dish. Some tasting spots will feature artwork made famous in Chicago or from local artists. In between each stop, you’ll walk a short distance to allow your taste buds to savor the meal and anticipate the next feast.

If you want, you can add a special drinks package and enjoy some of the local craft beers and wines.

Dietary Restrictions

If you have dietary restrictions, tell the guide when you book your tour. They will try to accommodate you.

Mondial River West

A secret food tour is not something you want to just enjoy once. This type of experience and other delicious restaurant experiences are available year-round. So, contact us and let us tell you more about the secret tastes of Chicago as you tour our luxury apartment homes.

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