Three Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Fresh

If you’re accustomed to apartment living, you know that sometimes you may need to change a few things to prevent your space from feeling boring. If you’re looking for ways to freshen up your bedroom, here are three ideas to help get you started.

bedroom cleaning tips
  • Your bed is the main focus of your bedroom, so give it a softer and more comfortable feel by laundering your bedding. Just wash and dry your sheets with a good dose of fabric softener and they’ll feel better than new.
  • Once your bedding is clean, make your bed. It only takes a moment, and making your bed helps your entire bedroom feel more clean and collected.
  • Take a little time to clear up the clutter that’s scattered around your bedroom. Nightstands, dressers, and occasionally floors can be trouble spots for clutter to land. If your bedroom is especially cluttered, try gathering everything together on your bed, then sort through it and put away the things that belong in other parts of your apartment and putting back only the items you really need or want in your bedroom.

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