Tips for Upgrading Items You Already Own

Are you thinking about making a few small changes around your home? Before you go out and buy new decorations, think about upgrading the things you already have. These DIY craft ideas will get your creative juices flowing and get you in the mood to upgrade more of the items you own.

apartment decorating tips

Give your bookcases a makeover. Bookcases can get a pop of color and fun with printed shelf paper. Adhere it to the backboard and add some style to a regular bookshelf.

Give fabric surfaces a facelift. There are many different tips and techniques that you can use on items such as pillows, pillow cases, hand towels, and other fabrics. You need the basics: acrylic paint and textile medium for fabrics.

Make drab filing cabinets and drawers interesting. You can adhere marble paper or other craft paper to the front of filing cabinets or those storage bins. You just need an adhesive, sealer, brush, and your choice of paper.

Get tie-dyed. A popular trend right now is the tie-dyed effect. This is easy to do on pillows and other items around your home.

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