Why Your Cat is Missing The Litter Box

Image © iStock / belovodchenko
Image © iStock / belovodchenko

Here at Mondial River West we love pets and we have a pet-friendly policy. We love to offer our residents a variety of tips and tricks for living with cats, dogs, and other pets. If you have a cat living with you, there is a good chance you own a litter box. If you find that your cat is relieving themselves every where but the litter box, here are a few tips.

The possible reasons:

There are usually 3 reasons for a cat to not use the litter box. one, they are experiencing a medical problem. Two, they a marking their area. Or three, they do not like the litter box.

Medical reasons. The best way to tell if it is a possible medical condition is if it starts all of the sudden. And if they are going in the bathtub or sink.

Reasons for marking. Cats will mark if they feel there is a threat such as animals outside. They may also do this from stress, usually a change in the household.

Litter box preference.  Sometimes they don’t like where it is, or the type of litter.

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